The Danone Institute of Canada (DIC) is a non-profit foundation created in 1998 and funded by Danone inc. It is administered by an independent board of directors and scientific council, comprised largely of members that are dietitians and researchers. They are affiliated to different Universities across the country and have expertise in various fields related to food and nutrition.

Mission and mandate

The mission of The Danone Institute of Canada is to promote the links between food, nutrition and human health, with a focus on yogurt within the context of a healthy diet.

In conjunction with this mission, The Danone Institute of Canada’s mandate is to:

  • Encourage and reward nutritional research
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge
  • Promote contact and links between nutritional researchers and health and education professionals and others interested in nutrition and health
  • Publicize its initiatives and disseminate scientific knowledge to the targeted publics