Policy related to the use of the website www.institutdanone.ca

1. Terms of use – Limitation of liability

The website www.institutdanone.ca is owned by Danone Inc. (hereinafter, “Danone”), 100 Lauzon street, Boucherville (Quebec), J4B 1E6 (hereinafter, the “Website”).

The Website and its content are provided as is, without any warranty, either express or implied. Danone, its affiliates, affiliated or holding companies, its shareholders, administrators, officers, employees, agents and other representatives may in no circumstances be held responsible for any damages directly or indirectly related to the use of this Website and/or the submission of requests, consultations, download of documents, etc. from the Website.

2. Intellectual property

The content of this Website is protected by the Canadian Copyright Act and Trade-marks Act, and by applicable international treaties. Except as otherwise specified in the Website, it is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, translate, download, upload, post or transmit, by any means, any portion of this site including, without limitations, this Website’s content, data, texts, audio and video recordings, codes and software without Danone’s prior written authorization. It is, however, permitted to display or download www.institutdanone.ca web pages for personal use only and as long as they are not modified. It is strictly forbidden to use the trade-marks and trade names mentioned in this Website otherwise than as permitted in this notice or with Danone’s prior written consent.

Any information transmitted by e-mail to the Website, other than personal information which is governed by the Policy Respecting the Collection, Use and Protection of Personal Information, may be used without restriction and free of charge by Danone and include, without limitations, ideas, suggestions, etc. Danone is not liable for any third party violation with respect to any information you have transmitted on the Website.

3. Territorial coverage

The Website www.institutdanone.ca is operated from offices located in Canada. Any information, advice, recommendations and/or warnings as well as any contest, promotion, survey, offer, newsletter or service announced on the Website are directed to Canadian residents unless specified otherwise. Anyone choosing to use www.institutdanone.ca does so voluntarily and bears the responsibility to abide by any applicable law, as the case may be.

4. Virus

Danone gives no guarantee whatsoever that the Website is exempt from any error, virus, default, nuisance or other element that may cause material damages. As the case may be, you shall be fully responsible for payment of any maintenance, repair or correction costs.

5. Communications

Danone does not in any way control exchanges and communications via the Website and, as a consequence thereof, shall not incur any liability in relation to such exchanges and communications. Danone may, without any obligation on its part, verify the content of communications via “bulletin boards” or “chats” which allow you to communicate with other users, being understood that Danone shall bear no liability in relation thereto. In any and all cases, by using such services, you undertake not to transmit information which could, without limitations, be illegal, threatening, obscene, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, injurious or indecent.

6. Modifications

Danone maintains the right to modify this Policy at any time. This Policy stays in force until it is revoked by Danone at any time and without notice.

Last revision, April 2005